Advocare One/80 Phase 1 Recap

Hey Loves,

Sorry for the late upload but I had to recoup from my AMAZING BLACK PANTHER GIRLs Weekend. I should also state if you have not watched BLACK PANTHER…YOU NEED TO GO WATCH!!!

Now I have been meaning to get this out but Phase 1 went pretty well. The first 10 day cleanse in my opinion was way less intense than the first time I ever did it. The next 14 days got kind of jumbled with my traveling, but at least I finished it. The products were all fairly easy to swallow but lets take a moment to discuss this plant base protein. The gas issue from the original protein is elimanated..but it is still gross. No matter how much water I put in it, it is grainy. It has a strong peanut butter taste despite it saying it’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I’ve been telling myself that I should just chug it but if the water is not super cold, it has always made me want to gag. It has truly made breakfast a terrible experience. I stopped even putting it with fruit because the taste never changed and it was just gross.

This fun phase has brought up the other problem that has literally plagued my entire adult life…. food. It seems that no matter what I do my biggest issues is trying to stay together with the food.

For a full breakdown CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!!

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