February 2018| What I Read This Month?

Hey Loves,

For the month of February, I read 6 books and I have to acknowledge that I have become obsessed with audiobooks. Hoopla is saving my pockets (unless I like the book, then of course I am going to order) Did I read everything on my TBR, probably not, but I am perfectly ok with this. Here are the books I read for this month:

Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard (Audiobook)

The second installment of the Red Queen and I am still left in a blah mood about it. I felt that she really thought she was hot stuff despite her lacking basic leadership skills. I want to root for them and all of their calamity but I found myself laughing at the characters more than taking them seriously. I liked learning about the stories of the different New Bloods but I really could not stand the Love/hate relationship because Mare and Cal and YOU KNOW I HATE love triangles so when I thought they were trying to add her friend into the love haze I was about to put the book down. For their organization to be so secretive they never managed to do one thing in secret or without causing massive chaos.

An American Marriage- Tayari Jones (Book/Audiobook)

I have to say that this love triangle was a book that kept me captive EVEN though I knew the storyline. In fact I loved this story so much that I have already recorded a review of the book and will be posting it later on this month. So without giving any spoilers, I believe Tayari Jones did a really good job with making you feel for all the characters involved in the story. I felt that it was extremely relatable.


Binti – Nnedi Okorafor
Binti: Home – Nnedi Okorafor
Binti: The Night Masquerade – Nnedi Okorafor

Since I read the entire series, because they were extremely short reads, I am just going to talk about it as a whole. (I will be doing a review on the series if I get enough feedback about it.) This extremely short introduction to Binti of the Himba tribe started off very confusing. I think it is because the book is so short that I can call this book an explanation to start the story because the story did not really start until the book was about to end. The story of Binti starts off with her running away from home to attend a university and her entire world is thrown upside down. I will say that Nnedi Okorafor’s decision on how she wrote the story made me grateful that I bought the entire series together and could go right into book #2. I like the idea of using math as a type of power rather than using it to create a power. The second, yet slightly longer, part of the Binti series is my favorite of the series because I feel like this is where I got the best explanation for the world that Nnedi created. I felt like I understood the foundation of Binti as a character and how important her identity was to the story. However, once we got to Night Masquerade, everything happened so quickly. I blew threw the third book partly because I was determined to know what was going on and partly due to the fact that I was left extremely confused again. I wish the third book had been a little longer because then I would not have felt the “plot” holes. If you would like a spoiler filled review on this series please let me know.

Victoria – Daisy Goodwin

I had been dying to read this book and when I found it in the used bookstore for $7 it was fate. Diving into this book left me just as excited as the PBS masterpiece series Victoria. I blew through this book with bliss and enjoyment. I loved Victoria and how Daisy Goodwin really made me feel for that immature 18 year old. I was sad that this book ended is the best way to describe how much I loved it without giving anything away.

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