Pros & Cons of PlannerCon 2018

Hey Loves,

As all of you know (by now) I attended PlannerCon International in San Francisco.

You Can Check the Vlog HERE.

You Can Check the Haul HERE.

I have gotten a couple questions about my experience at plannercon and decided to just do a video and write out some of my thoughts about it.


Plannercon was my first planner based meet up I have ever done and I think that it was a good one to start with. Plannercon is only 2 years old but I felt that they managed to get enough together to give me a good experience despite going by myself. The conference had one main room and then smaller rooms for the workshops and the additional shopping room.

The speakers and the panelist were nice just because I like seeing people who are normal. For the most part I found their stories to be inspiring but I just want to say I hope that I do not have to go through anything remotely close to what they had to go through because I am not meant for that. Kristy Dickerson was so inspiring to me that I went and bought her book. I also love that Oh Hello Co gave us her contact information just to be able to reach out to her. I found them to just be nice people. I was not aware of all of them but I know them now because of the panels.

On Saturday night they had what was called Plannerthon. The idea was that you bring all your tools downstairs and plan with your friends. I am going to be honest because I had 0 intentions of planning with people as that is normally my quiet time to myself BUT I did participate in swaps. For those who do not know swaps are just as the name implies and I made my planner clips (You can buy them here) with my cards to give out. I gathered so many cute and creative things and it was nice to just talk to everybody. All the women I met were super friendly and very nice. I am happy that I made friends that I will hopefully see at other events.

Of course this was the perfect networking opportunity for me but the best part was that I did not have to explain my obsession because EVERYONE had the same ones. It was a nice experience. I also managed to find etsy shops that sold melanin die cuts and stickers and I was not expecting that at all. I also enjoyed beings able to talk vendors and even connect with my favorite shops.


I should first start off by saying that I did enjoy my time at plannercon but I have to be honest and say there were some things I did not like. First off you are basically forced to be on facebook because they put all the updates on their fb group. To register for workshops you had to get accepted into their fb group AND then register. I find it ironic that they can send me my workshop details via email but made me jump through hoops to get them in the first place. Essentially without the fb group you would have been screwed.

This then leads me to the workshops and I was not a happy person about this. For my first workshop I signed up to take Basic Lettering with Tombow. After getting on the plannercon fb page, (cause they took a second to actually accept me into the group) I learned that the class was using a specific type of pen and they would provide the supplies. HOWEVER when you got to the class they had none of that and blamed it on USPS. Brittany did what she could with the supplies that she got but I wished we would have gotten the lesson that she planned. Even she seemed disappointed about not being able to do what she wanted. This class unfortunately was over packed and people had to sit on the floor and post up on the back wall because the plannercon crew did not ensure that there was enough space. Louisa (the plannercon head ) tried to make an excuse and blame it on the hotel but honestly I cannot  fathom why a PLANNING group did not make sure that their plans went all the way through. (And giving out planner bucks will not change that) This is also the one class where I encountered a seriously rude volunteer who took her job more seriously than her manners. Hopefully they take their evaluations seriously and check her for next year.

The second class I took was “Taking your TN to the next level with Carpe Diem” and I actually enjoyed that class. It was just that each round table had at least 9 women to a table and there was barely any room to lift an elbow. I ended up just taking notes on how to make what we made and take pictures because there was no room. Luckily we had locals at our table who came with ALL the supplies and I ended up enjoying the class. (This is obviously a pro and a con)

The third class was “Mood Mandala with Boho Berry” and since you guys know I love her, I obviously signed up for the class. They did not have the best equipment. The projector was orange or discolored most of her lesson but luckily I already knew how to do mood mandalas from her youtube channel.


The first day PlannerCon says that in order for you to qualify for raffles and other prizes you had to be in the main hall at the time scheduled for raffles. HOWEVER those are not the rules they abided by every time. For example they would call out a raffle number and if the person was not in the room then they would save it and then at the end they had the audacity to save them and let people claim them ONE WEEK after plannercon was over. When they weren’t claimed you had to go BACK TO THEIR FB GROUP and see if they “randomly” choose you. However; on the same day, I ran upstairs to get another bottle of water and some snacks (Because they do not have lunch breaks) and came back down and missed the pen gem giveaway. They refused to give me a pen because I was not in my seat. How backwards was that?

One thing I need to say is that there is very little representation outside of white women. There weren’t any women of color as panelist or speakers and I know there are some youtubers at least who aren’t white who could have provided some representation. I am not saying that I did not enjoy the speakers and panelist who were present because I also follow them but I am saying that it needs to be a little more inclusive.

Final Thoughts

I am glad that I went to plannercon because I met some girls and saw some Houston girls and I even learned about Black Girls Who Plan and Create. However the announcement for 2019 have me concerned:

  1. VIP is $200 and the only thing she could say about it was that it included a lunch with the speakers and front reserved seating.
  2. Plannercon parties are now the same price as the big plannercon but they aren’t the same size.
  3. She had very little information but wanted money

I am going to try other conferences because I go back to plannercon unless they give add some things.

What other planner events would you recommend?


4 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of PlannerCon 2018

  1. Re:Pros/cons Planner Con 2018.
    Hi. Thanks for your YouTube video. It’s going to be interesting when I show up for PlannerCon 2018, next month. I don’t own a cell phone nor do I have a fb account. Nothing on the PlannerCon website indicated I’d have to register for classes & such, I had no clue until I watched your video. Today.
    I’ve already paid my registration fee & accommodations.
    I’m a total greenhorn, I don’t have anything but an inexpensive walmart planner. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos on Planners I decided to jump in, feet first. I was hoping to add to my limited knowledge. I’ll be visiting your etsy shop soon.
    ps, I sent an email to PlannerCon.

    1. Hi Jane! I see that still haven’t changed that feature. I feel that that info needs to be on the registration page. I hope they work with you since they definitely don’t tell you when they take your money. Thank you for watching.

      1. Hi, Melanin Eclectic.
        I reached out to Planner Con. I got a nice email from Louise, she set my mind at ease. No need to register for workshops, the registration covered all that, everyone who registered will get an itinerary via email (Planner Con 2018, Cleveland, Oh).
        Hopefully PlannerCon 2018, won’t be your last.
        I’ll keep in touch.

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