How I Plan International Trips #1 | Pre-Planning

Hey Loves,

I have not sat down and really wrote something about travel in a very long time so I decided I would write about something that is happening right now. I am going on a trip to Morocco in the Fall with my friends and we are currently in the Pre-Planning Phase of our process. Here are my tips for pre-planning your international trips:

Pick a Location or Travel Group

The first thing that my friends and I do is decide on a place (obviously). We do this by looking at which flights are cheaper during the time frame we want to travel AND we look at what is currently going on in the places we want to go. For example we originally wanted to go to Cape Town, South Africa but since they are currently dealing with a water crisis we decided it was probably a better idea to travel somewhere else. We also look up things that you can do in that specific country and the currency rate. This trip to Morocco we will be going with a travel group (One Love Travel) and this has made a couple parts of the planning process very easy. Depending on when you sign up for the trip you have the option of paying monthly installments or full price when you sign up. You get a full itinerary so you do not have to plan or pay for anything more (unless it specifies that it is an extra charge). The only thing we have to pay for outside of the travel club payment is a flight.

Set Flight Notifications

I recommend setting flight notifications and to start saving to buy your flights as early as 6 months out. You never know when you may get a notification and because it is international flights, depending on the season, it may never get lower. If you are planning the trip on your own I also recommend you start looking for a place to reside during your trip at the same time. So you can start getting prices for transportation.

Itinerary and Budget

Even with the travel club giving us the itinerary we still have to decide on a spending budget for this trip. Planning it ahead of time means that I can set a little bit of money aside each month and you can fully enjoy your trip. ALSO make sure to check out to see the rules, fees, shot requirements needed for which ever country it is. Pre-planning also gives you time to get all of that in order.

Pinterest Board

I am a type A and a very visual person so I utilize pinterest to plan my trip and my outfits. I will share my pinterest board as my trip gets closer. I put everything here: outfit ideas, hair style ideas, different things about the country, places or activities to do. It is a visual review essentially for me.

What do you do when you are planning a trip?

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