Colourpop No Filter Foundation | Take 2

Hey Loves,

So if you guys remember I did a Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review and it did not go as well as I had hoped. According to the site because I wore Fenty Beauty 420 I should have been able to wear 175 and well…. let’s just show the picture:

Deep Dark 175

Though the foundation application was good and I felt that it had nice coverage, I was indeed CASKET READY! So because of this I reached out to Colourpop and they were extremely accomodating and helped me find my shade. NOT ONLY that but they sent me 185 and 190 FREE OF CHARGE so that I could try out the foundation again. As I am not a huge Youtuber I was honestly expecting them to give me some bs response about no refunds but they were extremely helpful and they have updated their “shade recommendation” help as well.

So how does it work? Well here is what 185 looks like:

Deep Dark 185

SOO MUCH BETTER!!! I even got a chance to wear it out for the day.

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