NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation and Primer Review

The time has come to present another foundation and I must say because it is NYX, I had to try it on the first day. Luckily when I went to Ulta they had testers and after trying 4 different foundations I found the one that was for me. I will say that I was surprised to see so many foundations with a heavy yellow base. For example Deep Sable is the color we thought I was supposed to be but when I put it on my skin it almost gave me an OLIVE skin tone which was definitely different. So lets give the stats:

Brand: NYX Cosmetics

Type: Foundation; 1.0 oz

Store: Ulta $14.99

Color: Mocha

Claims: 24 Hour Wear, Matte, Full Coverage, Great for Oily Skin

Current Thoughts: I think the color is great for me and it does not feel like a heavy foundation. I found that I got a lot of color with one pump and I did not even need concealer like I would with some other drugstore problems. I will be going a full day test on this foundation so I can give a full thought about it but so far I really like it. This might be my outdoor wedding foundation.

Brand: NYX Cosmetics

Type: Primer, 0.82 oz

Store: Ulta $13.99

Thoughts: A little definitely goes a long way with this primer. It is pretty nuts because it gave me the vibe of magnesium and it gave my face the gray cast just like it. I had to put a little more foundation on my face to cover the gray spots but the hold is pretty good. Since my skin is very oily I feel like the primer held BUT this was only after staying in my house, I need to perform a real test of both products to give my full thoughts.


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