Pack With Me| Hygiene Bag

Pack With Me| Hygiene Bag Bag I Use to Hold Everything | Amazon My Bonnet (Can hold my twists and all and she is Black Owned) | Rica's Creation Cantu Leave In Cream Heritage1933 OMG Hair Oil |Buy Here Meds (alway make sure prescriptions have your name on them) Deodorant Alcohol Pads Goldbond Friction-less Body Lotion Travel Jars Hydration Masks [...]

Single Girl Survival Guide| Packing for a Quick Weekend (Girl’s Trip)

Hey Loves, I feel like I have not done one of these in a while and I figured it should be travel related. If you are like me, traveling is pretty much the ultimate bae and at any time you will be seeing him again. One of my favorite quick trips is a girl’s weekend. [...]